October 19, 2023

Balance has moved to new premises in Norwood. New parking directions.

After 18 years in Rose Park, Balance has moved, only 900m from the old location, heading north along Charles St. and left at The Parade to 68a Fullarton Road, Norwood.

Our new clinic at 68a Fullarton Road, Norwood is now located a short 900m drive from the old location, to a beautiful, fully restored and heritage listed property Balance Integrated Health - Google Maps

Our phone number will stay the same (08) 8364 3500, our website will also remain the same www.bih.com.au, online bookings will also remain the same via our website.

All current bookings will remain in place and all future bookings via phone or online will remain exactly as is.

We now have 6 large onsite carparks for patients. Please ensure that you only park using one of the 6, 45 degree, angled and signposted carparks at 68a Fullarton road, and not the carparks belonging to No.2 and No.4 The Parade. (The accountants are a bit unhappy if we inadvertently or accidentally use their unoccupied carparks)

Please endeavour if possible to enter the property from Norwood Parade, using the last driveway between No.2 & No.4 The Parade, or if heading South, please enter from Fullarton Road.

2-hour parking is also available on both sides of Norwood Parade, also on the southern side of Montrose Avenue and on both sides of Charles Street.

We look forward to continuing to provide the utmost care for our patients at our new location; 68a Fullarton Road, Norwood SA 5067.

On behalf of all us at Balance; Dr's Steve & Caroline and our amazing admin team; Emily, Helena, Annabel & Djameka.

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Written by Dr Steve Boord

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