Pain Management

Back and neck pain, ailments suffered all too commonly by human beings.

Common conditions we might see at BIH.

Back pain & neck pain
Headaches or Migraines
Joint Pain
Arm & Leg Pain
Hand and foot pain
Hip, knee, shoulder and elbow pain
The principal reason many patients initially present for treatment is pain. Back, neck, arm, hand or leg pain, headaches, pins and needles or numbness. Our first aim of treatment is pain reduction or symptomatic relief. This may be achieved by spinal adjustments, by gentle ligament or muscular stretching techniques or reflex therapy.

Beyond the initial phase of treatment to reduce pain and symptoms, we aim to uncover any structural, chemical or lifestyle issues that may be contributing to your back and neck pain. By addressing the ‘bigger picture’ issues often associated with the presence of pain and symptoms, we can oftentimes significantly reduce the number of treatments that would otherwise be required.

At Balance, we do not have any set treatment plans. The number and type of treatments required will vary based on the individual. Our treatment is dynamic, based on the needs and progress of the patient.


Questions about Pain Management
How effective is Chiropractic in treating low back pain
There have now been around 70 randomised control trials and 10 systematic reviews which support its use to treat lower back pain. A 2004 study published in the British Medical Journal compared spinal manipulation therapy with exercise and reported better outcomes.
How quickly will I be out of pain?
Many patients report immediate reductions in back and neck pain following treatment. Of course, there are many factors that will determine the timeframes for resolution of the presenting pain. These include, but are not limited to, chronicity (how long has the pain been present?, age, physical fitness, type of trauma that caused the injury.
What can I do to help with my pain?
Our Chiropractors will provide you with home care advice, exercises and nutritional advice that in combination, may lead to a speedier and more complete resolution of your pain. This may also include referral to medical specialists and further diagnostics.

Dr Caroline Cini

Caroline enjoys works with patients of all ages. She’s passionate about helping her patients not only free themselves from pain but also addressing the underlying muscle-skeletal imbalances in order to live optimally.
The care we provide, is aimed at helping our patients to live as pain free as possible as well as healthy lifestyle and exercise advice

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