Pregnancy & Birth

At Balance we care for our expectant mums throught their pregnancy journey...and beyond

Common conditions we might see in pregnancy at Balance

Back pain & neck pain
Pelvic instability
Pelvic and pubic pain
Birth Preparation
At Balance we believe our paediatric care extends to and includes mum, after all, it’s a team effort. We guide and look after mums throughout pregnancy. Incredible changes are happening during pregnancy, postural, hormonal and emotional.

We monitor and care for our mum’s throughout pregnancy. We offer spinal, postural, dietary and antenatal advice and care. Chiropractic treatment is for people of all ages, from newborn babies to the elderly. At Balance, we utilise a variety of assessment and treatment techniques, including (and not limited to), low force adjustments, cranio-sacral therapy, manual muscle testing, functional neurological assessment, age and stage appropriate spinal and peripheral adjustments, soft tissue and reflexive therapies.

Chiropractors are trained in assessing and treating improper joint motion and function. Restoring the balance to a pregnant woman, can help to make this exciting and sometimes challenging journey more comfortable


Questions about Chiropractic for Pregnancy & Birth
How can Chiropractic care help throughout pregnancy?
Chiropractic care during pregnancy my help: Reduce back pain and discomfort, Improve mobility and flexibility, Help with improved sleep, Improve nervous system function
What kind of treatment can I expect during pregnancy?
We care for our expectant mums on a monthly basis. We utilise gentle, blocking techniques to help with pelvic alignment as the baby grows and puts more pressure on mum’s posture
What does the research say for Chiropractic and pregnancy?
Expectant Mum’s can often experience low back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. A combination of regular Chiropractic care and standard obstetric care has been shown to be more effective than obstetric care alone (George et al, 2013, Am J Obstet Gynecol). Women who underwent Chiropractic care reported less pain during labour (Diakow, PR, JMPT, 1991)

Dr Caroline Cini

Caroline enjoys working with a wide variety of people from babies and children to grandparents. She’s passionate about helping her patients not only free themselves from pain but also addressing the underlying body imbalances in order to live optimally.
It is a true joy to care for our mum's throughout their pregnancy journey

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