Sports & Performance

At Balance we believe a Balanced neuro-musculo-skeletal system is the key to improving sports and athletic performance.

Common sporting and athletic issues we might see at Balance.

Joint Pain
Back Pain
Hip Pain
Balance and co-ordination
Gait and stride imbalances
Nutritional and training advice
In an increasingly stressful world, exercise and nutrition have never been more important. At Balance, we treat everyone who participates in sport and exercise. From school age children, to weekend warriors all the way through to professional athletes.

We are trained in the assessment and treatment of many common sporting injuries, whether of soft tissue, structural or neurological derivation…or a combination of any. We are qualified to assess, treat and/or refer as necessary. So whether it’s a run around the block, an ironman triathlon or a professional looking for an edge, we’re here to help.


Questions about Sports & Performance
My hip hurts when I run, can Chiropractic care help?
Often hip, knee and ankle pain are as result of a pelvic and/or lumbar spine dysfunction. We are able to assess and treat these underlying structural issues, very often resulting in decreased lower limb pain and discomfort during exercise.
I play AFL and continually battle hamstring soreness?
Very often, recurrent soft tissue injuries are as a result of structural and postural misalignments. We work in collaboration with other physical therapists to achieve the best possible outcome for many of these issues.
I’ve had a few concussions and now suffer headaches, can Chiropractic help?
We follow the very latest treatment protocols for post concussive injury in both adults and children. Often there is more than one cause to headaches following a concussion, the upper neck is most often affected and can contribute to head and neck pain. We will assess, treat and offer home care advice and medical referral where necessary.

Dr Steve Boord

Dr Steve Boord has extensive biochemical and neurology training along with a strong sporting lifestyle background. Dr Steve has the experience to assess and treat many of the complex health issues facing neonates, young children, adults and families alike.
From professional athletes to weekend warriors. At Balance our aim is to help everyone stay on top of their game.

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