November 29, 2021

COVID-19 entry requirements for Balance Integrated Health

From 20 October 2021, the Emergency Management (Healthcare settings Workers Vaccination No 2) (COVID-19) Direction 2021, issued under the Emergency Management Act 2004, came into effect.

Under Phase 3 of this direction, all persons engaging in work or duties in the following healthcare settings must be vaccinated against COVID-19 with a TGA recognised vaccine, with the first dose being completed by 6 December 2021, and the second dose being completed within the interval recommended by ATAGI:

> Chiropractic therapy

> Osteopathy

For all phases this includes clinicians, ambulance workers, allied health, cleaners, administrative and executive staff, volunteers, contractors (including couriers and delivery drivers) and students undertaking placement regardless of whether they work in a patient or a non-patient area.

All clinicians and administrative staff at Balance integrated Health have complied with this direction. Please be respectful for the staff and clinicians that these decisions have not been made lightly, but with non compliance, Balance would have ceased practice.

Patients and their families are NOT required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to receive treatment in our health care setting.

We are and have always been an inclusive health care practice and do not and have not ever discriminated against any of our patients' wishes and rights to chose which health options are best for your families. At Balance, we aim to support and care for all of our health care community regardless of ANY vaccination status.

However, as Balance Integrated Health is an AHPRA regulated healthcare setting whereby treatment cannot be offered via tele-health, certain circumstances of patient contact may determine that our healthcare setting be deemed a high risk. In order to minimize the risk of closure or patients and staff being required to quarantine should anyone in the clinic be deemed a 'close contact'...The following rules of entry will apply from Monday 6th of December.

  1. All clinical and administration staff are required to wear certified fitted P2/N95 masks and eye protection.
  2. All persons over 12 years of age entering the clinic are required to wear a mask. This applies in all situations within the clinic with the exception of where the mask will intervene with practicable treatment.
  3. QR Code check in or accurate written contact details must be completed and sighted by reception or clinical staff.
  4. If you have ANY RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS, we ask that you do not enter the clinic and re-schedule when symptom free.
  5. We will neither request nor demand COVID-19 vaccination status be declared, however, at your discretion any evidence of a negative COVID-19 RAT or PCR in the 72 hours prior to your appointment will be appreciated.

We at Balance feel these measures offer the greatest level of respect for both choice and safety for all of our patients and staff, and in the interest of avoiding a clinic shutdown.

Above all please be respectful to our staff and other patients, we have a ZERO tolerance policy on any abusive, intimidating or threatening behaviour whilst in this clinic. Breaches of this policy will result in you being asked to leave this clinic...permanently....No Exceptions..!!

Thank you for your understanding during these very difficult times, we're all trying to work through the maze. If you have any concerns with regards to entry and treatment, please call, we're here to help.

The Balance Team

Dr's Steve & Caroline. Emily and Helena.

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Written by Dr Steve Boord

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