July 10, 2020

7 ways to help children’s brains grow

A child’s brain grows entirely from the sensory input it receives, the better the input, the greater the growth. Here are 10 things you can do with your children to enhance brain growth.

  1. Face time. Face to face contact with your child helps them to calm and settle.
  2. Sleep time. Quality sleep is essential for brain growth and neurodevelopment.
  3. Time to move. Kids need to move, movement in gravity is essential. Jump, skip, run, kick the footy, ride their bikes and scooters.
  4. Decrease screen time. As difficult as this can be, reduce where practical and replace screentime with 3D activities, Lego, puzzles, blocks etc.
  5. Food time. Fresh, non-processed food with plenty of fruit and vegies. Cut the sugar!
  6. Tummy time. Babies spend a lot of time sleeping on their backs, balance that time out with lots of tummy time when their awake
  7. Dance time. Dance, sing and clap and laugh with your children, great for co-ordination, great for firing the happy chemicals in growing brains.
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Written by Dr Steve Boord

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