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Back and neck pain

Back and neck pain, ailments suffered all too commonly by human beings. It has been reported that a staggering 80 % of people will suffer from severe back pain at some point in their life. It is estimated the total direct and indirect cost of low back pain alone in Australia to be $8.15 Billion. Asia Pac J Public Health. 2003;15(2):79-87.

At Balance, our Chiropractors are trained in a Chiropractic technique called Applied Kinesiology, this holistic approach to care, means we can treat back and neck pain as part of the’ whole health’ picture, rather than approaching the problem in a symptomatic and isolated manner.

The principal reason many patients initially present for treatment is pain. Back, neck, arm, hand or leg pain, headaches, pins and needles or numbness. Our first aim of treatment is pain reduction or symptomatic relief. This may be achieved by spinal adjustments, by gentle ligament or muscular stretching techniques or reflex therapy.

Beyond the initial phase of treatment to reduce pain and symptoms, we aim to uncover any structural, chemical or lifestyle issues that may be contributing to your back and neck pain. By addressing the ‘bigger picture’ issues often associated with the presence of pain and symptoms, we can oftentimes significantly reduce the number of treatments that would otherwise be required. At Balance, we do not have any set treatment plans. The number and type of treatments required will vary based on the individual. Our treatment is dynamic, based on the needs and progress of the patient.

At Balance, we believe in a pro-active approach to your spinal and nervous system care. The regularity of care required will depend on the lifestyle issues of our patients. Once we have treated and addressed the initial pain and associated chemical, emotional and lifestyle issues. Some patients need more regular care, some need treatment less often, our Chiropractors will always discuss these options with you and ultimately the decision for ongoing care rests with the patient.

We have an excellent network of associated professionals to whom we refer, to provide our patients with the best overall care possible. We utilize podiatrists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, homeopaths, occupational and behavioural therapists, physiotherapists and medical doctors.

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