Balance Integrated Health

Your first visit

On your first visit we ask that you arrive 10 minutes early to fill out some basic personal health information, which can assist the chiropractor in their diagnosis.

Alternatively, you can download the Patient information and Consent to Treatment forms from the Download link on our site, to complete and bring with you on your first visit.

Your initial private consultation will typically take between 30-45 minutes. Our Chiropractors will sit down with you and take a thorough medical history, which can include questions about lifestyle issues, past injuries / illnesses or hospitalizations and also look specifically into your nutrition, lifestyle, mood and and energy levels where relevant. Our aim is to uncover the underlying lifestyle or historical health history factors that may be contributing to you or your child’s condition.

A thorough physical examination will then follow. The chiropractor will perform specific orthopeadic, neurological, postural, chiropractic and muscle strength examinations. They will also use the ratified Chiropractic assessment tecnique of Applied Kinesiology to help assess any organic, chemical or emotional imbalances which may be contributing to your condition.

Having reviewed all of the above findings the Chiropractor will give you a brief report of findings. This will explain the possible causes and details of your condition and the appropriate management to follow.

If X-rays or further tests are needed our Chiropractors will refer you to the most suitable facility. If we detect or suspect any underlying condition (either at initial or review consultation) that would warrant further medical assessment, it is our policy to immediately refer to you to an appropriate GP and/or specialist without delay. We have an excellent referral network to other practitioners including General Practitioners, Orthopedic consultants, Acupuncturists, Massage therapists, Occupational therapists, Behavioural optometrists, Podiatrists, Speech Pathologists, Developmental Educators etc.

Most commonly treatment can be administered on the first visit if it is appropriate to do so. The nature of the treatment given will depend specifically on the individual case. Often advice on nutrition and lifestyle management is offered at the initial consult and specific supplements can be prescribed to aid in the treatment of your or your child's condition to help restore your body’s natural balance and resolve the presenting condition.

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