Balance Integrated Health

Dr Caroline Cini (nee Sweeney)

Caroline grew up in Adelaide where she enjoyed a healthy and active upbringing. She participated competitively in tennis and netball throughout her youth, and has a great love of the outdoors.

After completing a Bachelor of Health Sciences at Adelaide University she moved to Perth to study at Murdoch University for the next 5 years before she received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree with first class honours.

During this time she gained a wealth of practical experience in children’s health after travelling to northern Australia to provide chiropractic care to remote, disadvantaged, indigenous children and their families. The amazing improvements she saw in their health and lives made it one of the greatest experiences in her life. She also gained exposure to a wide variety of sporting injuries and rehabilitation techniques through her involvement as a chiropractor at a world surfing competition, the world floorball championships and state touch rugby championships.

More recently Caroline has been combining her passion for travel and love of chiropractic while working as a chiropractor in a family practice in London. Her work there over the past three years has exposed her to many different aspects of patient care. It was in this position that she further developed her love of working with children. She was able to put into practice her focus on paediatric and pregnancy related problems and see firsthand the amazing results chiropractic can achieve, as she saw families blossom as their health improved markedly.

She enjoys working with a wide variety of people from babies and children to grandparents. She’s passionate about helping her patients not only free themselves from pain but also addressing the underlying body imbalances in order to live an optimal, healthy life and prevent and minimize the likelihood of re-occurrences. She looks forward to helping you reach your full potential.

Caroline is married to Jeremy and they have two wonderful children, Ruby,5 and Otto,2